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Franchise Info

Comfort Dental is the only true dental franchise opportunity in America. All of our locations are independently owned and operated. If you are a dentist or a 3rd or 4th year dental student, and you’re interested in owning your own Comfort Dental office, please fill out the below form and we will reply with more information. Thank you for visiting Comfort Dental.

All of our doctors own and operate their own practices. The states in which we have offices and are expanding into are in the map below.

From the beginning at Comfort Dental, you are an owner. We combine the old-style neighborhood dental practice with today’s modern group practice. Equity ownership, autonomy, management of your own business, and long-lasting relationships with your patients are combined with our economics of scale, prime locations, mass marketing, and overhead control. It truly is the best of both worlds.

Comfort Dental’s business model is recession proof and offers long-term success. The focus is on affordable, quality care and convenient hours. Offices are open evenings and Saturdays. Comfort Dental dentists work hard and believe in being nice to patients. Our office success rate is 100%. We’ve never closed an office in more than 30 years. Comfort Dental’s franchise concept allows for a 66-hour clinical schedule with no downtime. Dentists have flexible schedules, and have plenty of 3-6 day long weekends without loss of income because the office is covered by your partner(s). That means you’ll have more personal time!

Comfort Dental’s aggressive marketing generates over 235,000 new patients annually. We have a management support network team led by Dr. Rick Kushner, the nationally recognized expert on practice management. Comfort Dental promotes a support network within the office. Our symbiotic doctor income distribution system promotes healthy, positive competition within the partnership. If the office succeeds, you succeed.

Comfort Dental is involved in the community. Every year since 1984, we’ve put on Care Day, giving away free dental care to those in need. Over the years, offices have given away tens of millions of dollars in dental services and helped thousands of people in communities across the country. Care Day began 30 years ago as a way to provide better access to dental care to people most in need. President and Founder, Dr. Rick Kushner says, “There are a lot of families out there who just can’t afford dental care, and Care Day might be their only dental visit all year. We’re proud to host Care Day and help people.”  Learn more about Care Day. Come join the Comfort Dental team and help the community!

As a working Mom or Dad, Comfort Dental dentists can have it all. Enjoy a 30-hour work week (2-3 days/week), all while earning  3 to 4 times the average dentist in the U.S. according to the ADA. Or maybe a half partnership fits you best, working only 12-18 hours per week. Whatever fits your lifestyle, a Comfort Dental franchise fits any dentist’s career and personal goals.

Comfort Dental is currently expanding into these states: Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Montana, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Kansas, Ohio, Texas, and Washington. These states offer the best opportunity for success based on our business model. We are not expanding beyond these states at this time. If we add states to our expansion, we will post them. To apply, you must be willing to work in one of these states. If you are not willing to work in one of these states, do not apply as you will not be considered.



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