comfort-dental-kidsDid you know there are three things needed for cavities to form in teeth? Bacteria, a food source and time.

Primary or baby teeth are important for many reasons. They help with chewing, speech, appearance and save space for the permanent teeth so they can “fit” when they come in. They also help your child build confidence by having a beautiful smile.

It is important to visit Comfort Dental KIDS after the eruption of the first tooth or by age one to help prevent tooth decay. The earlier the first visit, the more likely your child will have a healthy, cavity-free smile. If cavities are detected, it is much easier to fix them when they are small. Waiting may lead to pain, swelling, infection and risk your child’s overall health. It is also much more difficult to fix their teeth at this point. May times they have to be extracted leading to potential issues such as getting the adult teeth to “fit” in the mouth when they come in.

Visit Comfort Dental KIDS to evaluate the child’s mouth, head and neck to make sure they are healthy. We will do a caries risk assessment to determine your child’s risk of cavities. We also establish a nutrition and hygiene plan personalized to your child’s mouth and teeth. Remember, once any foods are introduced to your child’s teeth, the risk of cavities increases. We can help with proper use of bottles and sippy cups, and help you avoid finger sucking and pacifier use for too long to help with crooked teeth and bite problems.

Comfort Dental KIDS dentists are specialty trained to work with children from ages 0-18 years, including children with high dental anxiety. Pediatric dentists have an additional 2-3 years of training specifically to work with kids, and understand how to manage their emotional and oral health. When treatment is necessary, we make sure your child’s experience is as pleasant as possible, helping them establish trust in the dentist for life.

Remember, children are not capable of brushing on their own usually until they are about 8-years old.

A referral is usually not necessary to visit a pediatric dentist. At Comfort Dental KIDS, we accept most insurances.


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