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Comfort Dental offices are independently owned and operated. Questions and concerns should be addressed with your dentist first. If you have additional questions, please email us. Include your name, phone number, office location visited and date, doctor’s name, and a description of the issue.

If you are a dentist or 3rd or 4th year dental student, and you’re interested in a Comfort Dental Partnership, please visit our Partnerships page.

Potential Partner Orientation & Disclosure Meetings are held at the Comfort Dental Partner Development Center, 2540 Kipling St., Lakewood, CO 80215

Patient Relations 303.202.9449 x 110 or 720-413-4238
Comfort Dental Services 303.820.2273 or Comfort Dental Services
Gold Plans 303. 232.2300 or Gold Plans

Comfort Dental offices are always looking for enthusiastic, motivated individuals seeking a career in Dental Assisting. Comfort Dental offices are independently owned. Please contact your local Comfort Dental office for employment opportunities.

All requests need to be submitted in writing by using the Colorado Grant Application. You must be a 501c3 to apply, and provide proof. Applications must be received at least 120 days prior to the event. Send to: Comfort Dental Charitable Requests, Attn: Andrea Siudyla, 2540 Kipling St., Lakewood, CO 80215. No phone or email requests will be accepted. You will receive a response either in writing or by telephone within 3 weeks of your request being received.

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